Saturday, November 21, 2009

7 MonthDay!

I'm just going to gloss over the fact that I haven't written an entry in over a month, and I'll update you on her 6 mo stats and get on to her 7 mo skiiiillls.
So Addy went in for her 6 mo well-baby visit, she weighed in at 15lb 2.25oz(50th percentile) and 26.5in(75th percentile). Since my memory is a little hazy, I can't remember what she did between 5 and 6 months and now 6 and 7 months, so I'll just compile a list of all her current skills and abilities!
*Sits unassisted
*Puts self into sitting position
*Moves toys from one hand to another
*Babbles ba-ba-ba/ga-ga-ga sounds
*Turns when name is said
*Reaches out to people
*Can pull into a standing postition from seated position
...and I'm pretty sure she understands the word 'no'

I have a 7 month old. Wait, give it a minute to sink in....

My next entry I'll be showing you some of Addy's 6 mo photos, that my AMAZING photographer friend Sariah from SSquared Photo took while we visited her and her beautiful family in SC.

Stay tuned, I promise it won't be another month!

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