Sunday, June 28, 2009

Visiting Family

So we had such a great time visiting both of our families and letting Addy meet and get to know them. Although the travel was a little tough at first, she adapted well and has really grown up in the 2 weeks we've been gone.

We went up on a Thursday to be there for Jeff's little sister's wedding on Friday. It was such a beautiful ceremony, and I cried, multiple times. LOL. Here's a family picture from the wedding, Shell(Jeff's sister) requested that he as an usher wear his uniform, which I don't mind, cause he looks great in it. ;)

We then headed to my parents the next day. Addy's Baptism was that Sunday and then we spent the week with them. It was so much fun. We spent the week just relaxing and hanging out.

and can you tell these two are family? Love the faces they're both making!

We were really sad to leave, and can't wait for the family vacation in MN in August. We then headed down to visit with Jeff's family for the week. We had a great time during the week. Addy got to finally use her swimsuit when pawpaw set up a slip n' slide for Addy's cousins, and we put her in the water that accumulated at the bottom. Haha. She didn't seem too interested in it, which is odd since she loves taking baths. But the water was a bit chilly, so I think that threw her off.

We were sad to leave them too, but very much wanted to get home and get Addy back into her own routine. And Jeff and I desperately missed our bed.

We have Addy's 2 month appt tomorrow, 2 weeks late. LOL. I'll be updating more then, letting everyone know how she's coming along and all of the milestones she's reached.

talk to you then

Addy's Baptism

Wow, so it's been a long 2 weeks, and we have a lot to catch up on!

Addy got baptized in the same church and by the same priest that married Jeff and I. He's such an amazing guy, who really inspires all of his parishioners. Addy didn't do too well during the baptism, she was ready for a nap and irritated beyond belief. She also was so hot, she had on her plain white onesie, and undergarment that goes under her christening gown, and then her gown. She also had on white socks and white knit booties, all courtesy of her Godmother and Godfather. She looked gorgeous if only we could have gotten some pictures of her not screaming or looking extremely sad. It was a short ceremony that felt like an eternity. The only time she was silent was when he poured the first bit of water on her. You could barely hear Fr. Dan over her screaming. He was great about it though and kept trucking on.

Originally my sister and brother-in-law(her Godparents) were not supposed to be there, he was going to be in Alaska(where they just got stationed) already, and she was leaving shortly before the baptism, well God intervened and my sister's plane got delayed and rescheduled, so she was able to be there. I was so happy. Here are some pictures from the day.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I'm so anxious about traveling with Miss A tomorrow. It's a 6 hour trip, but with stops will probably take us 7-7 1/2, that's a long time for a baby that hates their car seat. We're hoping she sleeps for most of it. Yeah right though. I'll write and let you know how it all went.

Other than being worried about how she'll do, we're ready and excited about the trip. We're excited about seeing all the family and know that they're excited to see Miss A! My mom and dad are so excited they both have most of the week off to spend time with us, although there's not much to do in Prince Frederick, MD just being with family with be fun times. We can't wait to see Jeff's little sister get married this Friday either, Addy got a new dress for it and so did I, I actually got a whole new wardrobe today, I didn't have a lot of clothes from before I was pregnant, at least nothing new, besides my maternity clothes, I think it's been a year plus since I've bought new clothes. So we recently had some extra money, so I got to order a bunch of new clothes. That's right, be jealous. LOL!

So this extra money I'm talking about came from Jeff selling his beloved truck. He was made an offer from a fellow sailor, and we just couldn't refuse. So since he was selling his car, he needed a new one, what a perfect excuse to finally get the jeep he's always wanted. We were lucky enough to find the one he wanted on craigslist. So with the extra money we made off the sale of the truck, I got a closet full of new clothes. Yay! =)
He's so excited about the new truck, he's been showing it off left and right. Here are some pictures of him and A in the jeep. And for those of you that care, it's a 1981 CJ5.

She's completely uninterested in it as you can tell, but she's completely cute as well. =)

It'll be a couple days till I update, we've got a busy weekend, so it'll probably be Monday before I get a chance, I know all my 2 readers will be bummed about that. Haha


Monday, June 8, 2009

Random Update & Cutie Pie Pictures

So I've been gone a few days, did you know that it's hard to find a minute to yourself let alone a couple minutes to blog when you have a baby?? Well, if you didn't, now you do. =))

On Thursday I went to the grocery store. I know, I can't believe I attempted it again either. But this time, mommy had a trick up her sleeve, this. Jeff was tired of her screaming halfway through our shopping trips and wanted to get something that she could sit up in without us having to hold her. I was the first to try it out, and cautious because I wanted to make sure I was wearing it right so that she wouldn't just randomly fall out in the middle of the cereal aisle, and be certain that she was comfortable, so I didn't have a crying baby in the produce section. She did great in it! She loved looking around at all the different colors and people. I meant to get a picture of us while out, but forgot the camera at home. shucks.

She's been doing so much better with napping, that I actually get time to get stuff done around the house. Including stripping her cloth diapers. If you don't know cloth diapers, then you probably don't know what stripping them is and why you do it. Things can tend to build up on diapers(creams, oils, detergent, etc...) and can start to repel the liquid, not a good thing. So you have to 'strip' them down to what they were when you first got them. It's very easy too, just a Tbsp of Dawn dish detergent in the washer, a couple extra rinses and BAM, brand new dipes. That's not the only reason you strip diapers, you can strip them if they start to hold a stink or if there is yeast in them(for these, you would also use bleach in the wash, to kill the yeast and anything that would cause the dipe to hold in stink). We strip for yeast. We've started to notice Addy getting pretty red under her diaper, and it didn't look like a regular diaper rash and it was all the way up on the lower half of her torso, under the dipe. I figured even if it wasn't yeast, it wouldn't hurt to strip the diapers anyway.

So since we're stripping all her dipes(cause yeast will travel between dipes if it's on her body), we had to put her in disposables(sposies). Now, I've been babysitting since I was 13, and all of a sudden all my knowledge of sposies went out the window. I forgot how they were supposed to look when on, so I'm not sure if they're too small or if they're the right size, I don't know if the ruffle-y part is supposed to be in or out. I've gotten so used to cloths that I actually had to stare at the dipe on her for a minute to see if that's how I remember it being. LOL

So since I've bored you with my blabbing, I'll leave you with some cute pics of Miss A from the last couple days, since that's what you really came to see anyway.
can you tell I love me some babylegs on her??
when I look at the second picture I always think, 'straight up gangsta leaaaan"

until i bore you again....

Edited to add:Babylegs are from here, she's got a GREAT selection and is offering free shipping on her combo orders plus one free pair. I paid $28 and got 5 pairs! WOOT!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Have A Grouch Monster

My child is refusing to nap. Okay, well she's napping now, but this is her first nap of the day. And it's in her swing, which I hate, I'd prefer if she slept in her crib or co-sleeper, but if this is how she wants to sleep today, then GO FOR IT ADDY!

She woke up too early this morning, 630. Eeek. And has been a grouch ever since, sleeping for about 5 minutes then waking up happy and ready to play or screaming and wanting to comfort feed. I didn't have much planned for today, the only thing I wanted to get done was get to a store, any store that had baby bottles, and pick up a different nipple size and maybe another brand of bottle. We're going to give Addy her first bottle tonight(of pumped milk) and try and get her adjusted and able to take a bottle. We only have 2 bottles, both of the same brand but they came with newborn flow nipples and I want to get the next size up and maybe a different kind of bottle just in case she didn't like the kind we have.

That was my only goal today. So after we had eaten and refused to go down for a nap, I knew now would be not the best time to go, but since she was full and had a clean diaper it was better than going when she was hungry AND suffering from no sleep. I just prayed she would fall asleep in the car on the way. So we got there, fully awake, got the car seat into the cart and from then on it was downhill. She starts whimpering, not a big deal, just keep moving and maybe she'll stop, get to the baby isle, stop to pick out my nipples and bottles, and she starts wailing! OH NO! I'm trying to pick as fast as I can, but as any mom knows, or any one that's been in the bottle isle knows, there are 4523759341 choices when it comes to bottles. She's screaming, people are staring, I'm flustered trying to just pick a damn bottle. Made my decision and moved on. She stops crying. Okay, well since I need a couple things from the store anyway and she's no longer throwing a fit I'll just hurry up and get them. Stupid mommy, stupid mommy. Get to the almond milk and she starts wailing again. Figure I'll just get the few things I need, she can keep crying, I'll just avoid eye contact with EVERYONE else in the store, and be done. I do this, get to the check out, where the checkout lady precedes to tell me that the crying is cute, which is fine, hey, she could be telling me I'm a horrible mother for taking my screaming infant into the store. Check out and go. We get home, I put her into the swing to unload groceries and she's been passed out ever since.

Although she's been a grouch most of the day I still managed to get a cute picture this morning.

Oh and these are from yesterday.

oodles of toodles

Monday, June 1, 2009

"You Should Sleep When She Does"

NO, I...don't....wanna.

All moms hear this, I don't think any of us listen. Maybe the first day or two and mainly that's cause we're so exhausted we just happen to pass out when the babe does. Within the first couple weeks though our bodies adjust and we learn to thrive on no sleep. I was never able to sleep when Addy slept, I find it near impossible to sleep any time but night. I've never really been able to nap during the day, which is such a bummer considering when I was little I used to take 3 hour naps in the afternoon(I think I did this till I was 12, way past napping age, what can I say, I love the sleep).

We figured out shortly after Addy came home from the hospital that the place she most comfortably slept, was on us. And as I think about it, wouldn't we all like to sleep on something that is always warm and so nicely cushioned?? She would take great naps in the morning, in her swing or her co-sleeper even her crib, but the magic hour of 4pm hit and she refused to nap after that. She would have to be put to bed, and by bed that meant on one of us, in our bed. Bummer. I found myself going to bed at 6/630, what a drag. I was missing all of my late night shows, heck not even late night, my evening shows. And for the first couple of weeks, even after nightly feedings, she'd remain on my chest. Eventually we started moving her to the co-sleeper after she woke up for her first nightly bewb, and she would do great. We attempted a few times to put her down for bed in her crib(and when she would wake up to eat, move her in with us), while we went about our evening routines, she would not have it, eventually one of us would end up in bed with her, for the night.

The reason I'm writing about this tonight, is because for the first time, she is down for 'bed' for the night, and we're not! WIN! I feel like such a dope for finally figuring out a good way to get her to bed. We took a bath, got dressed, then ate. We ate in our bed, so she would think that it was bed time,we ate side-lying so she was at her optimal comfort, and instead of attempting to move her to her crib, just moved her to the co-sleeper. Easy right?? I think my mom brain was stalling by the end of the day, therefore I could not come up with this brilliant idea before. So as of right now Addy has been asleep for an hour and a half and I am NOT!

Since I didn't take any pictures today I'll leave you with an adorable picture of her sleeping in her crib when she was about 3 weeks