Sunday, June 28, 2009

Visiting Family

So we had such a great time visiting both of our families and letting Addy meet and get to know them. Although the travel was a little tough at first, she adapted well and has really grown up in the 2 weeks we've been gone.

We went up on a Thursday to be there for Jeff's little sister's wedding on Friday. It was such a beautiful ceremony, and I cried, multiple times. LOL. Here's a family picture from the wedding, Shell(Jeff's sister) requested that he as an usher wear his uniform, which I don't mind, cause he looks great in it. ;)

We then headed to my parents the next day. Addy's Baptism was that Sunday and then we spent the week with them. It was so much fun. We spent the week just relaxing and hanging out.

and can you tell these two are family? Love the faces they're both making!

We were really sad to leave, and can't wait for the family vacation in MN in August. We then headed down to visit with Jeff's family for the week. We had a great time during the week. Addy got to finally use her swimsuit when pawpaw set up a slip n' slide for Addy's cousins, and we put her in the water that accumulated at the bottom. Haha. She didn't seem too interested in it, which is odd since she loves taking baths. But the water was a bit chilly, so I think that threw her off.

We were sad to leave them too, but very much wanted to get home and get Addy back into her own routine. And Jeff and I desperately missed our bed.

We have Addy's 2 month appt tomorrow, 2 weeks late. LOL. I'll be updating more then, letting everyone know how she's coming along and all of the milestones she's reached.

talk to you then

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