Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I'm so anxious about traveling with Miss A tomorrow. It's a 6 hour trip, but with stops will probably take us 7-7 1/2, that's a long time for a baby that hates their car seat. We're hoping she sleeps for most of it. Yeah right though. I'll write and let you know how it all went.

Other than being worried about how she'll do, we're ready and excited about the trip. We're excited about seeing all the family and know that they're excited to see Miss A! My mom and dad are so excited they both have most of the week off to spend time with us, although there's not much to do in Prince Frederick, MD just being with family with be fun times. We can't wait to see Jeff's little sister get married this Friday either, Addy got a new dress for it and so did I, I actually got a whole new wardrobe today, I didn't have a lot of clothes from before I was pregnant, at least nothing new, besides my maternity clothes, I think it's been a year plus since I've bought new clothes. So we recently had some extra money, so I got to order a bunch of new clothes. That's right, be jealous. LOL!

So this extra money I'm talking about came from Jeff selling his beloved truck. He was made an offer from a fellow sailor, and we just couldn't refuse. So since he was selling his car, he needed a new one, what a perfect excuse to finally get the jeep he's always wanted. We were lucky enough to find the one he wanted on craigslist. So with the extra money we made off the sale of the truck, I got a closet full of new clothes. Yay! =)
He's so excited about the new truck, he's been showing it off left and right. Here are some pictures of him and A in the jeep. And for those of you that care, it's a 1981 CJ5.

She's completely uninterested in it as you can tell, but she's completely cute as well. =)

It'll be a couple days till I update, we've got a busy weekend, so it'll probably be Monday before I get a chance, I know all my 2 readers will be bummed about that. Haha


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Sariah said...

Cool Jeep! Oh and by the way... I would love it if you guys stopped by on your way back. Have a great trip and remember... the more she cries in the backseat... the less sleeping she is doing in the car and the more she will be doing at night when you want her to sleep. lol! Hope she does great. Enjoy your trip and hope to see you guys soon.

ps I am super jealous of your new clothes. I haven't had any in forever!