Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Have A Grouch Monster

My child is refusing to nap. Okay, well she's napping now, but this is her first nap of the day. And it's in her swing, which I hate, I'd prefer if she slept in her crib or co-sleeper, but if this is how she wants to sleep today, then GO FOR IT ADDY!

She woke up too early this morning, 630. Eeek. And has been a grouch ever since, sleeping for about 5 minutes then waking up happy and ready to play or screaming and wanting to comfort feed. I didn't have much planned for today, the only thing I wanted to get done was get to a store, any store that had baby bottles, and pick up a different nipple size and maybe another brand of bottle. We're going to give Addy her first bottle tonight(of pumped milk) and try and get her adjusted and able to take a bottle. We only have 2 bottles, both of the same brand but they came with newborn flow nipples and I want to get the next size up and maybe a different kind of bottle just in case she didn't like the kind we have.

That was my only goal today. So after we had eaten and refused to go down for a nap, I knew now would be not the best time to go, but since she was full and had a clean diaper it was better than going when she was hungry AND suffering from no sleep. I just prayed she would fall asleep in the car on the way. So we got there, fully awake, got the car seat into the cart and from then on it was downhill. She starts whimpering, not a big deal, just keep moving and maybe she'll stop, get to the baby isle, stop to pick out my nipples and bottles, and she starts wailing! OH NO! I'm trying to pick as fast as I can, but as any mom knows, or any one that's been in the bottle isle knows, there are 4523759341 choices when it comes to bottles. She's screaming, people are staring, I'm flustered trying to just pick a damn bottle. Made my decision and moved on. She stops crying. Okay, well since I need a couple things from the store anyway and she's no longer throwing a fit I'll just hurry up and get them. Stupid mommy, stupid mommy. Get to the almond milk and she starts wailing again. Figure I'll just get the few things I need, she can keep crying, I'll just avoid eye contact with EVERYONE else in the store, and be done. I do this, get to the check out, where the checkout lady precedes to tell me that the crying is cute, which is fine, hey, she could be telling me I'm a horrible mother for taking my screaming infant into the store. Check out and go. We get home, I put her into the swing to unload groceries and she's been passed out ever since.

Although she's been a grouch most of the day I still managed to get a cute picture this morning.

Oh and these are from yesterday.

oodles of toodles

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Keefer Family said...

My goodness is she ever cute!!

And I was totally smiling while reading this entire entry. Been there, done that kinda smile. :) Sarah is 7 months and I'm thinking I need to try her on the bottle if I'm ever going to get a few hours of alone time. *sigh* Man, I love me some kids! :)