Monday, June 1, 2009

"You Should Sleep When She Does"

NO, I...don't....wanna.

All moms hear this, I don't think any of us listen. Maybe the first day or two and mainly that's cause we're so exhausted we just happen to pass out when the babe does. Within the first couple weeks though our bodies adjust and we learn to thrive on no sleep. I was never able to sleep when Addy slept, I find it near impossible to sleep any time but night. I've never really been able to nap during the day, which is such a bummer considering when I was little I used to take 3 hour naps in the afternoon(I think I did this till I was 12, way past napping age, what can I say, I love the sleep).

We figured out shortly after Addy came home from the hospital that the place she most comfortably slept, was on us. And as I think about it, wouldn't we all like to sleep on something that is always warm and so nicely cushioned?? She would take great naps in the morning, in her swing or her co-sleeper even her crib, but the magic hour of 4pm hit and she refused to nap after that. She would have to be put to bed, and by bed that meant on one of us, in our bed. Bummer. I found myself going to bed at 6/630, what a drag. I was missing all of my late night shows, heck not even late night, my evening shows. And for the first couple of weeks, even after nightly feedings, she'd remain on my chest. Eventually we started moving her to the co-sleeper after she woke up for her first nightly bewb, and she would do great. We attempted a few times to put her down for bed in her crib(and when she would wake up to eat, move her in with us), while we went about our evening routines, she would not have it, eventually one of us would end up in bed with her, for the night.

The reason I'm writing about this tonight, is because for the first time, she is down for 'bed' for the night, and we're not! WIN! I feel like such a dope for finally figuring out a good way to get her to bed. We took a bath, got dressed, then ate. We ate in our bed, so she would think that it was bed time,we ate side-lying so she was at her optimal comfort, and instead of attempting to move her to her crib, just moved her to the co-sleeper. Easy right?? I think my mom brain was stalling by the end of the day, therefore I could not come up with this brilliant idea before. So as of right now Addy has been asleep for an hour and a half and I am NOT!

Since I didn't take any pictures today I'll leave you with an adorable picture of her sleeping in her crib when she was about 3 weeks


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