Saturday, May 30, 2009

If You're Not Going To Use It

kahlua will.

I walked by our room the other day to find this. Leave it to our dog, who has a very comfortable bed of her own, to take over something that is intended for children, not dogs. Although it's not like Addy even uses the boppy. I don't use it while breastfeeding and she won't sleep in it, if I put her down while she's in a milk induced coma, milk dribbling down her chin and all, she wakes up instantly. The only time we use it is in the mornings. I pick her up from her co-sleeper, or from my chest(yes, when I really need sleep, I just let her sleep on me, works well for all involved), I put her on the boppy, run to the bathroom and usually come back to find her staring and smiling at the sun that's found it's way through the curtains, into the room. When I finally pull her attention from her friend the sun, we have our morning conversation. I ask Addy all sorts of questions, if she slept well, what she dreamt about, what she thinks we should do for the day, and although usually the only response I get are giant smiles, I can guess what her answers would be,

"I slept okay mom, woulda been better if I coulda just stayed attached to the bewb, so when I start to wake it's right there for my convenience"

"I dreamt of you and daddy of course, and maybe some bewbs."

"I think we should eat and poop and play all day, although I'll probably get warn out after the eating and the pooping, so I'll probably just pass out and give you a chance to actually get some laundry and dishes done."

I look forward to the day that my questions are met with actual responses. I can't wait to hear all the ideas and thoughts she has going on in that head of hers. Until then I'll just have to fill in the blanks myself.


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