Friday, May 29, 2009

A Blog About...

this little girl

Gorgeous, ain't she? Natalie Addison Brimer. Born 04.14.09 at 6.58pm. 9lb 3oz 21in. She came into the world screaming and hasn't quit making noise since. I hope to update this blog daily with our adventures and updates of how grown up she is already becoming.

So, I'm a little late starting this blog, our little girl is already 6 weeks old, but better late than never. She's been an adventure from the get go. She's a light sleeper, which we think is linked to something in my diet, but haven't quite figured out what it is yet. She's a champion eater, gaining a whole pound in 3 weeks. We can't wait to see what her 2 month stats will be. She loves to be talked to and smiles when you do. She tries to babble back and keep up with the conversation. She gets bored easily, she's definitely not a sit there and be content baby. She wants us to constantly be moving with her in our arms so she can see everything.

I'm busy trying to plan and prepare for our trip to NC for Jeff's sister's wedding and Addy's baptism in MD all in the same weekend, although we will be staying longer at each place. We're very excited, since it will be the first time Jeff's family will meet Addy and the first time for my dad to see her. We'll be driving for the trip, which is a long way 6 hours to NC and 5 1/2 hours from NC to MD, and all with a infant, this'll be fun. I'm trying to plan everything that I need to bring for Addy, babies come with so much baggage, literally. We have to bring her stroller, which takes up half of the back of our car, her co-sleeper, which folds up to the size of a pack-n-play folded up. Plus our clothes and hers. It's a good thing we've decided to just use disposables(we use cloth normally) because packing all of the cloths would take a carry-on in itself, plus the stress of washing them at other people's houses, ugh, disposables just make more sense for traveling.

I'd love to go on, I could talk for days about my Addy, but we'll have time for that in future blogs. I should try and get some household chores done since she's currently blissfully asleep in her swing(and yes, I took this while the swing was in motion, not such an easy feat)

toodles from us both


Sariah said...

Hooray for a Natalie blog!!! YAY! She is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Can't wait to meet her. We have to plan a get together. Miss you!

Keefer Family said...

I love blogs about babies!!! :) She is so cute. I'm adding you to my blog roll so I can stalk you now.... lol