Monday, June 8, 2009

Random Update & Cutie Pie Pictures

So I've been gone a few days, did you know that it's hard to find a minute to yourself let alone a couple minutes to blog when you have a baby?? Well, if you didn't, now you do. =))

On Thursday I went to the grocery store. I know, I can't believe I attempted it again either. But this time, mommy had a trick up her sleeve, this. Jeff was tired of her screaming halfway through our shopping trips and wanted to get something that she could sit up in without us having to hold her. I was the first to try it out, and cautious because I wanted to make sure I was wearing it right so that she wouldn't just randomly fall out in the middle of the cereal aisle, and be certain that she was comfortable, so I didn't have a crying baby in the produce section. She did great in it! She loved looking around at all the different colors and people. I meant to get a picture of us while out, but forgot the camera at home. shucks.

She's been doing so much better with napping, that I actually get time to get stuff done around the house. Including stripping her cloth diapers. If you don't know cloth diapers, then you probably don't know what stripping them is and why you do it. Things can tend to build up on diapers(creams, oils, detergent, etc...) and can start to repel the liquid, not a good thing. So you have to 'strip' them down to what they were when you first got them. It's very easy too, just a Tbsp of Dawn dish detergent in the washer, a couple extra rinses and BAM, brand new dipes. That's not the only reason you strip diapers, you can strip them if they start to hold a stink or if there is yeast in them(for these, you would also use bleach in the wash, to kill the yeast and anything that would cause the dipe to hold in stink). We strip for yeast. We've started to notice Addy getting pretty red under her diaper, and it didn't look like a regular diaper rash and it was all the way up on the lower half of her torso, under the dipe. I figured even if it wasn't yeast, it wouldn't hurt to strip the diapers anyway.

So since we're stripping all her dipes(cause yeast will travel between dipes if it's on her body), we had to put her in disposables(sposies). Now, I've been babysitting since I was 13, and all of a sudden all my knowledge of sposies went out the window. I forgot how they were supposed to look when on, so I'm not sure if they're too small or if they're the right size, I don't know if the ruffle-y part is supposed to be in or out. I've gotten so used to cloths that I actually had to stare at the dipe on her for a minute to see if that's how I remember it being. LOL

So since I've bored you with my blabbing, I'll leave you with some cute pics of Miss A from the last couple days, since that's what you really came to see anyway.
can you tell I love me some babylegs on her??
when I look at the second picture I always think, 'straight up gangsta leaaaan"

until i bore you again....

Edited to add:Babylegs are from here, she's got a GREAT selection and is offering free shipping on her combo orders plus one free pair. I paid $28 and got 5 pairs! WOOT!

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Sariah said...

Those babylegs are SOOOO cute! Where do you get them?

Glad she did well in the snugli! we have a sling and the boys love it! And I love it because I can put one of them in it and have Adrian in the stroller with the other baby.