Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy FourMonth Day!

Dear Addy,

These last four months have flown by, yet I've watched the clock hands tick so slowly. You're an amazing little person and you've taught me so much about life and love and patience, about kindness and stability and laughing through the tough times. All this and your just 4 months into this world.

You've learned all kinds of new things in the last month. You've learned that lying down is for babies, and that sitting and standing is what you'd prefer to do. You've learned how to tri-pod sit, you're one step closer to sitting on your own. You've become better and better at scooting around and across the floor, meaning you're also one step closer to crawling. If you could just figure out how to work those arms, we'd be busting out the baby gates. You know who your mommy is and although you are a social butterfly and allow everyone a chance to hold and spend time with you, you have no problem letting them know when it's time to go back to mommy. Daddy makes you laugh the hardest, which mommy is a little jealous of, but she'll get over it. Your belly laugh lights up a room, and makes mom's heart melt.

I'm looking forward the coming months when you learn to sit and crawl. To the time when you get solids and say your first word(Fingers crossed for 'mama'. Ha ha). If you could just slow down a bit so mommy has some more time to cherish this time when you're so little. Take your time little girl(I'm sure you'll hear mom say this many times in the future), it comes and goes too quickly.


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