Sunday, August 9, 2009

Oh Natalie, You're So Fun!

We got her this soothe n' glow seahorse to help put A to sleep. As of now, I rock Addy to sleep every night, which I love, but I also want her to be able to put herself to sleep at night, this being the first step to sleeping through the night, because if she can put herself to sleep, she can put herself back to sleep when she wakes up in the middle of the night. I've heard from my mom community that this is a magic seahorse. LIARS. Addy is far too entertained by this seahorse for her to even think about going to sleep. She just laughs at it and bites it. WHAT a waste of $13, especially cause it's not even pink. :P

Miss A has learned to scoot and roll everywhere, I'll put her down on her playmat, and she'll end up by her bouncer, or by the tv, or by the kitchen. I only discovered this when one day I put her down on her playmat and walked away to go move the laundry, only to come back and discover no baby on the playmat. I guess she really wanted to play in her bouncer instead. Although this new trick is pretty awesome, it just means that 1.) Pretty soon she'll be crawling and then eeek walking. 2.) She's growing up WAY to quickly for my taste. She really needs to knock that off. LOL.

Addy has discovered that her feet are her new best friends. They only come to visit her occasionally(socks vs. no socks), and she treats them with such love and respect, constantly adoring them with 'kisses' and making sure they're at their most comfortable(resting on her belly).

What's her tooth progress you ask.... Well we swore her little tooth would be popping through at any moment, then one day, the crankyness subsided and chewing decreased and that was that. We still see the tooth right on the surface, and wonder if Addy broke it's spirit and it's given up for a while. She's a tough cookie, with plenty of attitude, so we wouldn't doubt it.

And THIS is what I'm excited about! My new clothes line! After opening the electric bill last month and picking my jaw off the floor and wiping the tears away(okay, a little dramatic) We decided we needed to make a change! We do diaper laundry every other day and realized that we are being eco-friendly by doing cloth, but not so eco with running the dryer as much as we do. Hopefully this will save us some money and help the environment a little bit more.

Addy and I are headed to MN this week and won't be on for a whole 9 days, probably more, because it'll take me a few days of recovery time. :P Hopefully I can get another post in before we go.


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