Thursday, April 29, 2010

Addy in One-derland

We had the big 1st birthday celebration this past weekend, after 2 months of planning and weeks of preparation, it all just fell into place the last couple days. I was inspired by the 1st birthday that Lark & Lola threw for her daughter Eisley. I'm going to post A.LOT. of pictures, be prepared! (click to enlarge)

First, decorations.

The banner


Welcome Wreath

Close up of the wreath.
Lark & Lola gives a GREAT tutorial for the wreath. It was very simple to follow and turned out awesome, even for me, the girl who THINKS she's super crafty, but really isn't.

The people that helped us celebrate

The dress

The cake(made it myself, my first attempt at fondant, not too shabby me thinks)


annnnd in the eye...

The Fun

Addy and Daddy(because of course there are NO pictures of Addy and I from that day)

Addy had a great time and I hope all that attended did as well. I'm off to do thank you notes!


You can call me Mae. said...

wow you did an amazing job!!

J said...

I love the "one"derland theme! I'm totally stealing this for my little man even though we have 6 months left. Thanks for the idea and great job!

Bekah said...

wow this looks like an amazing party!! Im totally jealous that you made that cake! You want to come make Jacks for next weekend? PLEASE?

Care said...

Wow, what an awesome party!!

I am a new follower and have an Addie too! Is her full name Natalie? If so, how did you come up with her nickname? Yes, I'm nosy! :)

Jen @ My Own Road said...

very cute party! I love all the personal touches you put into it. Great job!