Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy 11 MonthDay!

So I'm a little late posting this(as per usual), she's been 11 months for 3 weeks now, she's really closer to a year than 11 months, but I'm writing this as I would on the day I took the pictures, which I was good about and actually took on her 11 MonthDay(3/14).

My little munchkin, my giggle monster, my little weirdo, my ray of sunshine, my dear dear Addy, has it been 11 months already? I swear yesterday I was holding you in the hospital wishing your daddy could be there with us, hoping I would do right by you for many years to come, hoping we would both survive to your 1st year. Well little one, we're almost there, easy-peasy from there on out right?

I'm amazed everyday with how smart and curious you are. You learn something new everyday, even if it's that we don't use Kahlua as a chair because she will dart so fast from under you that you will fall on your bottom and wonder how you got there. You are the curious of kitties and want to know how everything works and how you can use it to your benefit.

You're looking and acting like your Daddy more and more each day. You are a goof ball to the core and a dare devil to boot. Everything is your stepping stool, even your baby doll's head, the baby doll that your Great Gramma Jo gave you(Sorry Gramma), the baby doll that she custom crochet all the clothes for. Books are stepping stones to get to toys that are higher up on your toy shelf. You like to try and crawl head first off of mom and dad's bed in the morning, thankfully mom is a little quicker than you and she usually catches you by the ankle before your noggin hits the floor.
You are one of the sweetest little girls, you randomly come up to mom throughout the day and give me giant bear hugs and slobbery wet kisses. You share your toys with me and try to share your lunch. You get so excited when daddy comes home from work. You run to the gate that keeps you from wandering around the kitchen and throw your arms up just waiting to be picked up and lay some lovins on him. Your head instantly goes down on his shoulder, and mommy's heart melts.

You become a toddler next month. I'm not ready yet, although I know you are. You've been ready for a while. If it's okay with you though, I'll still think of you and call you my baby, even when you're 11 and ask me not to call you that in front of your friends. I love you little Miss. Thank you for being the wonderful little girl that you are.


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