Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 5th of July!(Cause I'm a day late for the 4th)

Okay, so I didn't post yesterday, mainly cause we were out all day and by the time we got home we gave Addy a quick wash down then all went to bed.

We had a good 4th though, for Addy's 1st it wasn't too bad. We had a bbq at a friends house where we had some deeee-lish food and I made about 4 dozen cookies for the occasion. They had a small pool in their backyard and a bumbo for Addy to sit in. She did so well in it, I think we have to give in a get her one. dang it. Here she is in the pool, she's not very deep obviously, just enough to wet the toes and get her hands in.
From there we went down to the waterfront in St. Marys, to get seats for the fireworks show. We got there about 3 hours prior to the show to get seats, cause YES they were planning on most of the town showing up, AND they did. There were actually people already there when we got there. We had fun hanging out, we spread out a big blanket and Addy had fun playing and watching all the kids running around. They had entertainment for adults too. There was a band and a couple singers, they all did really well. They also had food stands and people walking around selling glow sticks, apparently our town goes all out for the holiday, we had no idea. As the sun started setting, my worst fear started to set in, that Addy was going to be upset by the loud noises and we'd have to promptly throw all of our belonging into the stroller and haul ass back to the car. She was already starting to get fussy and refused to take the bottle we brought for her, and she didn't want to nurse, because she doesn't like being covered up, and it was actually quite hot for her to be. I thought I wouldn't even know if she was scared of fireworks cause were weren't going to be able to stay for them to even start. She settled down though and soon enough the show started.

My heart started racing....
I prepared myself for screaming, for thrashing around, for inconsolable-ness
She did nothing. And I mean nothing, didn't even look at 'em. No crying, no fussing, nothing. How anti-climactic. It was a beautiful show though, and the rest of us thoroughly enjoyed it. At the end we packed up, headed to the car, then preceded to sit in the car for and hour and a half just trying to get home. Traffic is bad when the whole town gathers in one place and then tries to leave at the same time. She was so wiped out though that slept through sitting in traffic, woke up to shower then passed out at 12 and slept till 630! Woohoo for mommy getting a solid 6.5 hours of sleep.

Here are some pictures from waiting around before the fireworks

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Sariah said...

Awww! Good job Addy! First the fireworks and being such a good girl, and also for letting Mommy sleep! Yay! Way to go girl! Love the pics Nicki. You guys look so adorable!