Friday, July 10, 2009

My Mom Is Now A Reader (Hi Mom!)

Haha. I recently got an email from my mom the other day asking me for my blog link, since her sister reads my blog(Hi Auntie Debi!), she wanted to read and keep up too, and who wouldn't? Who wouldn't want to know about my exciting life as a stay at home mom? And who wouldn't want to know about the daily happenings of a 3 month old? So I send her the link, and a few short hours later I get an email back saying how great the blog was, and how funny I am in my writings(I may be paraphrasing), but 'did I really have to use the phrase haul a$%?'. The funny thing is, when I was writing the blog, I thought twice before using the phrase, because I knew I had some relatives that read the blog, and because I really need to cut back on swearing, because I have a child that soon enough will be talking and repeating what she hears, AND because there really is no reason to swear. So from now on this blog will be profanity free.

Besides that, Addy has been having some good couple of days. We bought her a bumbo-exersaucer thing. Because the girl has been doing little baby crunches trying to sit up lately(she's was gonna have a baby 6-pack soon) we wanted to get her something she could sit up in. I was originally just on the hunt for a bumbo, but didn't want to buy a new one, because it's ridiculously priced, so I went searching at consignment stores in the area. I have to say, consignment shops are my new obsession. There are so many treasures you can find in a child's consignment shop, and they cost about a 1/3rd of what their full price is. We walked out of the store with a bumbo like entertainment thing. Haha. It has a toy tray that goes all the way around it and spins. It has toys already attached to it also. And when she starts eating, the top tray comes off, as does the bottom stability ring, and it attaches to our dining chair, like a booster. That's right, 3 different things all in one, and for the low low price of $20. Score one for mommy! Here is a picture of Addy enjoying her new toy. And the second picture was taken today, she managed to get her foot up into the main part of it.

And I just got this picture from a friend we spent the fourth with. It's Addy and our buddy Kain waiting for the fireworks to start and they're holding hands. So cute!

That's it for tonight. Off to check on my sleeping babe, then to bed myself.

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