Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy ThreeMonth Day!

So I'm a few days late, I had every intention of getting this post up yesterday, but I got hit with a wicked migraine and passed out with Addy at 830.

So I can't believe I have a 3-monther on my hands. She is changing so much everyday, and although the last couple days have not been fun(I'll get to that in a second) we usually have so much fun playing an discovering new things everyday.

This is her supermodel pose.

As you can see she is growing like a weed. She doesn't have a check-up this month so we won't get to see how much weight she's gained or how tall she's gotten. Although I might just take a tape measure to her back to see all the inches she's gained.

So with growing up, you have to go through growing pains. 3 months is a normal growth spurt which to her instead of nursing all the time, means she doesn't want to nurse at all. And on top of that, she has started teething which makes it painful for her to nurse. So we've been hit with a double whammy. No whammies, no whammies. Give me my little baby back, the one that loved to eat and sleep and be happy. Hopefully the spurt will end soon and we'll just learn how to deal with the teething. So teething has been a ball of fun these last couple of days. She's drooling enough to fill a water jug and has an attitude to boot. Poor kiddlet though, she is just having a hard time with it, but wouldn't you if a little boulder was trying to push though your gums. I wish the little rock would just leave my little girl alone.

On other fronts, she's doing really well. She's a rolling and scooting machine. She loves to smile and chat with us and has found a new friend in her hand. She's discovered to not only is it good to grab things and pull mommy's hair, it also is quite tasty. She has a hard time deciding between the pacifier and her hand, and sometimes she'll choose both. She'll wriggle her fingers behind her pacifier and suck on both, making these loud slurping noises. Such a character!

Here is a picture showing all her growth in the last three months(click to enlarge)

She's growing so fast, I'm going to go snuggle with her while she sleeps, cause we're never going to get this time back. I know, sentimental mommy.

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