Tuesday, January 5, 2010

31 is The New 10 Right?

Jeff is turning 31 this Saturday, and although he is spiraling into a pit of depression over the number, I find it the perfect time to find the inner youngin' and party like you did when you were a kid. So I've invited his friends over to make mini pizzas, play super mario bros, and eat cupcakes. Fun right? I'm thoroughly excited about Saturday night, he's feigning interest although I think deep down his inner 10 year old is bouncy with excitement!

Birthdays are important to me. Growing up my parents taught us that each birthday is important and a reminder that on that day God chose to give us life and continues to bless us with each year that passes. It's a time that everyone celebrates that you are alive and in their life. I hope to instill the same excitement about birthdays with Addy. I of course have started planning Addy's 1st birthday. People may think I'm crazy, but being from Hawaii, birthdays are a big deal. BIG. I would love to go with a traditional Hawaiian Luau, but have you seen the other adorable things they have for girls birthdays? I've considered doing a cupcake theme, a candyland theme, an Addy in ONE-derland theme. The possibilities are endless! I've tried to get Jeff to help me pick, but the ever pleasing husband that he is says it's up to me. Shooooot! No help there. I'll might just innie-minni-miny-mo it.

I'm decided to post yesterdays 365 picture, since it's so cute I want to show you before Sunday!

Cutest thing right? =)

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