Monday, January 4, 2010

8 MonthDay!

I figured I better get her 8 MonthDay posted before her 9 MonthDay in 10 days.

It's getting harder and harder to get good pictures of my mover and shaker. She is always on the go these days, crawling and pulling up on the furniture, she's starting cruising along the couch and coffee table too. She's thisclose to walking by herself. She can stand for longer and longer by herself. I consider her an unassisted stander at this point. She is on 3 meals of solids a day, and slowing transitioning to table food. And I do mean slooowly starting table food, so far the only table foods she's had are small pieces of banana and avocado and some organic baby puffs. I'm too terrified of her choking to try anything else yet. Although she is a pro at chewing, she still swallows an occasional chunk and gags and coughs. She refuses to try to say 'mama' or 'dada', but finds it hilarious when you say it over and over in hopes she'll repeat it. I think she can say it, she just doesn't want too. She is a mimicker, and will pound her hand on the table if you pound yours and will mimic your mouth movements when you make silly noises and try to make them herself, she just doesn't quite feel like talking yet I guess.

She's growing entirely too fast for my taste and in a few short months will be a walking talking one year old. And yes, I'm already planning the party! She has her 9 month well baby appt next week and we'll get to see how big she's gotten! This last picture is my favorite from her 8 Month shoot!

Side note: That blanket under Addy in the chair is my baby blanket. It's seen better days, but I'd like to sew it back up and use it for her and our other children.

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Becca said...

Aww thanks so much!! That is cute! And your little girl is precious. :)