Thursday, January 14, 2010

9 MonthDay!

To My-9-Month-Old-Wonder,

Today you are 3 months away from being technically known as a toddler. That makes me incredibly sad. Don't get me wrong, I love watching you grow and get very excited with all the things you will do and say and imagine in the coming years, but these past 9 months have gone by far to fast.

This month has gone by quickly. We celebrated your first Christmas with your grandparents and uncle. We celebrated your dad's birthday. You learned many a new tricks, learning how to feed yourself and stand on your own. You've become adventurous even taking your first step this month. You've learned how to let me know when you are unhappy with me, mostly when I take something fun away from you like my camera or cellphone.

Those teeth that I've been complaining about for months, finally arrived this month. You got your bottom two teeth within a week of each other. You still have just a few wisps of hair on your head, but I don't expect that to change for a while seeing as your dad and I both made it to 2 with very little hair. You're still a skinny mini like your dad. I'd be surprised if at your check up this month you crack 18 pounds.

You're the funnest little baby I know(despite the above picture where you were clearly done with mom taking pictures) and I am so lucky to get to spend everyday with you. Before we know it we'll be celebrating your 1st year of life. Before we know it we'll be sending you off to kindergarten. Before we know it your dad will be driving you to you first high school dance, no matter how uncool it may be. Before we know it you'll be off to college and then marrying your sweetheart and welcoming your first child. So for now I'm just going to rock you a little longer, and take in that baby smell a little more. I'm going to cherish your smiles and silly faces. Because before we know it you'll be grown. I love you Miss A. Slow down on the growing okay.


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Mama D said...

Precious letter. :-)

They grow up way too fast, huh?