Thursday, January 28, 2010

41 Wk 2 D

Natalie has officially been out a day longer than she was in. It's hard to believe that sometimes. It seems like she's been here forever and at the same time like she just got here. Addy celebrated this exciting milestone by pooping in the bath for the first time, while taking a bath with her cousin. Such a sense of humor my kid has.
(Addy is jealous of her cousin's awesome soaphawk)
That cutie is Miriam the soon to be big sister to the soon to be new baby Daniel(Maybe Daniel. Maybe Damien. Maybe Jerome, we all know how that goes). She is the sweetest, sassiest 2 year old that just makes you giggle at the sight of her big cheesy grin. Addy adores her and the two are having a great time hanging out while they can.

This is Miriam "holding" Natalie at Great Papa Stan's wake. She kept stroking her face and giving her kisses, proving that she is going to be a wonderful big sister come March. 
Side note: Doesn't my sister look amazing for being just about 8 months pregnant?

Back to Addy and the incredible rate that she is growing.
This is me at 41 weeks pregnant
and this is Addy at 41 weeks of life


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